Monday, 9 July 2012

Austin Powers Love.....with a twist!

For Many seasons now the 1960's trend has been a revival, however it has graced the catwalk so many times now and inspired so many designers that every season we can pick the best bits of it, and still be on trend. 

 My love for sixties fashion has been around for as long as I started reading Vogue!  I've had this dress for years now, and it always makes an appearance out of my wardrobe every now and again when I'm feeling in particularly 'groovy' mood (I bought it because it reminded me of the dress Liz Hurley wore in the first Austin Powers Film).  However to add a quirky twist, I juxtaposed this timeless item with some Jeffrey Campbell Studded Platforms, a silver 'warrior collar/necklace', Chanel earings and an assortment of my favourite vintage rings.  

Sixties hair is still massive through to next season, so this beehive up do adds that extra touch to the outfit.  However, this is a classic style that would add a great touch to any outfit, and one I use many times in my blogging pictures.

(All pictures belong to Style Studette-Megan Thompson. Please ask permission before using.)

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